TMG Scale 7.0
Starring absolutely no one!

My introduction to this weird franchise…whoa!….fun! Sure, the writing is awful and the acting even worse, but the special effects and the shear jump factor were awesome. I want to now go back and see the first four installments, but I know to see them with plenty of beer and friends on a Friday night.

I realize this all goes against everything I stand for when it comes to movies. I consider this to be like the ugly dog of movies—so ugly it is cute and fun. What is with this Emma Bell chick who plays Molly in this film? I have never seen a worse actress in my life—but such is part of her charm. And Miles Fisher looks like he was directly cloned from Tom Cruise and Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed 2011) Dolly, the Scottish cloned sheep, looked less like her mother!

You can’t cheat death and you should not underestimate this movie to make you laugh and jump.