TMG Scale 3.0
Starring No one.

Take all the worst scenes from Slumdog Millionaire (2008) (and there were many), add in the lack of originality of Hangover II and wrap it around some B movie comedy from the 1950’s Hollywood and you get Bollywood’s latest piece of junk. And if this film remotely represents life in Delhi today, I don’t want to go anywhere near this disgusting, filthy and godforsaken city that would probably fail the standards for an LA sewage treatment plant. I’d sooner dine and sunbathe for a week in Chernobyl. I felt so dirty watching this film I thought Mike Rowe was filming a TV episode in the next row.

Bollywood needs to up its game and start filming movies in Montana or perhaps some clean and refined city like New Orleans, Dakar or even Detroit.  Dehli is the kind of city where pet capybara’s are man’s best friend.  A few starred in this movie.

Bollywood just seems to have to put all kinds of gratuitous music scenes in their movies. Much like Slumdog Millionaire, if the movie really sicks, maybe, just maybe you will like all the cheesy music. Like  a song called,  I Hate You (Like I love you). TMG gave Thank You, a 2011 Bollywood effort a 6.5 because it had a decent plot, some humor and universal appeal.  This movie had none of these. None unless you count a guy constantly on the toilet with diarrhea as entertaining and fun. Just as bad as needing subtitles to understand a film, is needing more subtitles to understand a film.  Often it was difficult to understand if the characters were speaking in Hindi, English, Spanish or pig latin, as if it mattered.

Plot? I’ll try. Three dirty, smelly and struggling room-mates living in a pig sty, otherwise known as high rollers in Delhi India, unwittingly  become potential prey of a ruthless drug dealer. In the midst of it all, one contracts Dehli Belly (apparently the India version of Montezuma’s Revenge).  While one roommate agrees to drop off a package for a girlfriend, he accidentally takes a stool sample of the sickie intended for a clinic.  It was not the package of  diamonds she was the courier for. The drug lord takes obvious insult to the substitute goods and the chase is on to find the diamonds. It is almost a like a real scummy version of Monte Carlo, with three greasy guys.  Skip it.