TMG Scale  0.0   P Factor 793.0–literally off the scale
Starring Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Alan Arkin, Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde

This film is beyond pathetically insulting and in bad taste in every way shape and form. Way beyond juvenile and stupid. Skip this movie and go clean an outhouse toilet at a gonorrehea festival instead. You should feel better and much cleaner.  TMG and Joy Lynn have been groaning for weeks about how we loath that the last ten rom-coms have had to feature men urinating for no reason.  And now Hollywood gets its revenge on all of us–-a movie where two men urinating is the central theme of the movie! There—-the above pic  is just once scene…now isn’t that just terrific? It sure took some great intellectuals to write that scene. Where was the comedy? The plot idea was decent: two men exchanging bodies for a few days—but the catalyst was to pee in a fountain together?

Bateman and Reynolds laughing about exposing themselves to 10 year old girl scouts and talking about masturbating to Bateman’s 8 year old daughter should be way too much in any one’s book. They should have been arrested and charged with lewd behaviour with minors. If you laughed at this film or suggest it to a friend, you need your head examined and serious counseling.

More later. . .