TMG Scale 8.5
Starring Chris O”Donnell and lots of cats and dogs.

TMG does not see many “kid flicks” these days, but is sure glad he saw this one.  It is very  funny and well written. If you like dogs (and TMG is admittedly half canine) you will love this film. It is more about funny and cute dogs than cats, but plenty here for fans of both. Stars from Bette Midler to Nick Nolte, Roger Moore, Neal Patrick Harris and others lined up to get their voice in this film. This film was real dogs and people mixed with some animation. Watching in 3D,  as TMG did,  is not mandatory,  but certainly added to the fun.

Diggs (a timely reference to Mel Gibson’s Officer Riggs character in the Lethal Weapon series) is a lovable German shepherd voiced by James Marsden.  Diggs is a K9 police dog reject with a big heart but overzealous judgment. [There is maybe more real life reference here but certainly just fortuitous)  Diggs gets selected to lead a team of dogs and secret agent cats in an uneasy alliance to stop Kitty Galore from ridding the world of all dogs.  From the name Kitty Galore, the humor just goes fun and upward.  Think of James Bond but the lead actors replaced with real dogs and cats. You get great adult humor but mixed in carefully so this film is safe for a kid of any age.  TMG’s niece Allison and her friend Katie giggled non stop.  So did TMG. And don’t leave too early, the credits are fun too.

Adults and teens should not hesitate to see this film on a date without little ones in tow.  TMG enjoyed this one as much as Finding Nemo (2003). If you are a dog lover, Cats & Dogs  is a mandatory trip out tonight to your local cinema.

TMG watched this film from the comfort of a Studio Movie Grill.  Great service and great food have made TMG a huge fan of SMG. It is the only way to watch films and gives the bigger chains a real challenge to up their quality and service to the Studio Movie Grill standard.