TMG Scale 7.0
Starring Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Jon Lovitz

This movie is a must see for any political junkie. And for those who just hate politics, it will enforce your synical opinion that Washington D.C. is just about a bunch of  power mongering, scum sucking pigs playing with your money. Everyone gets screwed in this film, literally or figuratively. Here is the dilemma: Our country must have lobbyists and politicians to produce roads and schools. It is like needing pigs and mud if you want to have bacon. But the process is dirtly and it stinks, no doubt about it.

TMG could write for hours on this movie.  Two suggestions: One, listen to our May 17 show. Two, go see the film.  Then, go out to dinner. Have a martini and discuss what you saw. If you don’t have at least some sympathy for Jack Abramoff and what lobbyists have to put in terms of dimwit politicians, I suggest you missed a valuable message.