TGM Scale by Joy Lynn 6.0  – TMG skipped this one!
Starring Cher, Christina Aguilera, Alan Cumming, Eric Dane

Hollywood should come up with a new genre for movies and call it: The glorified music video category. Burlesque would be a perfect fit.

Christina Aguilera fans will love Burlesque because it is “Xtina’s” (as she refers to herself) movie. It’s all about promoting her new music track of which I am not very familiar with or particularly a fan of.  However, she does have an incredible voice that continues to ring in my ears.  I hardly recognized her in the beginning of the film when she plays a young girl from Iowa heading out to LA to become a star.  She has a very innocent look that changes dramatically as the film progresses.  It almost looks like two different people playing her part.  But, her beautiful body stays the same throughout!

Cher fans will be intrigued as I was and choose to see this movie just to check out Cher’s 64 year-old body and voice.  You will not be disappointed. She plays a club owner on the verge of loosing her business until a young star, Aguilera, arrives just in time to turn it around. Cher is flawless in her role and performs two numbers of her own Cher-style. She does not look a day over 40 and is still an amazing vocalist. Silly TMG, he went this week to see Faster instead!

Besides the female eye candy for the men there are some very beautiful males to feast your eyes on ladies (or gentlemen if you so desire). Eric Dane and Cam Gigandet add some very nice flavor to the film. You will never look at a box of Famous Amos cookies the same way again.

Keep in mind this is not Richard Gere and Renee Zellgweger in Chicago, (2002), but if you are fine with hokey dialogue and a silly script and mediocre acting you are in for some entertaining dancing and some very sexy and stylish burlesque wear.

I am certain there will be no Oscars for this film, maybe an MTV video music award next fall.  – Joy Lynn