TMG Scale: 10.0
Starring Buck Brannaman, Robert Redford

If you really like horses, this film will do more than whisper to you, it will shout out to your heart. This film is what good documentaries are supposed to be—authentic, real stories about real things that really matter. This movie is the Restrepo (2010) of horse stories. It is the exact opposite of fake, disingenuous and downright boring  documentaries like Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

This is the story of Buck Brannaman from his abusive childhood by a overbearing Dad, to his gentle, respectful but disciplined  approach to horses. Brannaman is a “horse-whisperer” who believes and lives the life of  sensitivity, touch and spirituality with horses. Buck takes lessons from his own rough childhood experience and applies respect and compassion to horses and other people alike.  We all learn from it. A man can learn a lot from a horse. We learn a lot from Buck.

This film reminds me so much of the time I have spent at the Rocking Z Ranch outside Helena, Montana. At the Rocking Z, Zack and Patty Wirth have hosted many a horse whisperer. I have learned more from Zack and his children in a few weekends about horses than a lifetime of books. I need to get back there. You need to get out and see this awesome film. If you don’t like horses, well there is something just basically wrong with you. You will appreciate them more after seeing this  2011 Sundance Film Festival winner. And, just maybe, you will learn something more about yourself in the process.