TMG Scale 8.0   P Factor 3.0
Starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jill Clayburgh

Joy Lynn: This is one of the funniest movies I have seen all year.   The group of women in this movie are outstanding together.  They are not only funny, but very believable.  That’s what makes this movie tick. Kristen Wiig knows how to get a laugh and she does it throughout the movie time and time again.

Bridesmaids is equally as disgusting and hilarious as the male version, The Hangover. Women acting like men. Too disgusting?  Men have been urinating in public, releasing intestinal gas, vomiting and making rude gestures in movies for years.  Is it okay for women to do the same?   Decide for yourself. The game is on! A must see!
TMG: I agree with Joy Lynn. Comedy films are very tough to make and this one was funny, funny, funny. Every bride- to- be will rent this one for decades to come. I heartily  recommend it to all adults. It would have been even better had they cut ten minutes of the Jack Ass style ultra gross stuff out. It is just sick stuff. It is designed to make the audience feel uncomfortable and then laugh more when the discomfort passes.  It was not needed.
Young women getting all giddy about a wedding and competing for the brides attention has all the making of a pure “chick flick.” This one went way beyond that level largely on the incredible comedic talent of Wiig. Guys will find it funny because the “guys club” knows they react totally opposite when their best friend announces the plunge to marriage. Usually it begins with “Oh bummer dude, she lowered the hammer, huh?” And, followed by ten excuses why they may be busy the weekend of the wedding or ask to be excused from the wedding party because they don’t want to rent or wear a tux. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. This movie exploits that fundamental to the hilt. It also gives reason to fear women ever truly becoming as gross and crass as many men. Please Lord , no. But, thanks for the laughs considering it.