TMG Scale 1.0
Starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake

I thought there was no way this could be as bad as Tree of Life . Now I feel almost guilty about rating the Tree of Life so poorly. At least they tried to convey something more than pure trash.

I was wrong. Bad Teacher is that bad. Some folks  I chatted with would rate it even lower. Here is my number one problem: Cameron Diaz plays a total slut of a 7th grade teacher and gives her bra to a nerdy kid so he can impress his friends.  Funny? Not by a country mile. Can you just imagine if instead of Cameron Diaz this was Vince Vaughan pulling off his athletic supporter and giving it to a 11 year old girl to impress the guys? Criminal charges might be filed and Rachel Maddow would be screaming bloody murder tonight on MSNBC. And using the F word constantly with 11 years olds is just unacceptable. I was sure the SAG, AMP and the state of California had rules about child sex abuse? Tell me where  I am wrong here!  Tell me there is not this huge sexual double standard that all the women’s groups in America play deaf to.  I expect this kind of deviant behavior from the likes of Nicolas Cage, but I have way over estimated Cameron Diaz.

This film is more proof (like we needed it?) that criminal prosecutors and way too many lawyers, judges and film makers in California are wimpy, short penied, perverts. I say go burn a Justin Timberlake record today. Timberlake owes the world an apology. It could well be that Diaz is a child abusive slut that cares less anyway. When you take your bra off for a young boy you have some explaining to do.

And the film otherwise? Just not funny. The car wash scene will appeal to many as super hot (that I do get) but will be creeped out at the stupid,  dry humping scene. The plot concept was sound, but executed by a bunch of drunks who deserve a huge public censure and a serious grand jury inquisition. TMG is no prude and I have no real limits for film making as long as adults are involved. You can make a film as violent or as X rated as you want, and if well done, TMG is cool with it. But when it comes to children, the American Catholic Bishops, Cameron Diaz, Nic Cage and Justin Timberlake go over the line. Responsible adults need to stand up and speak out against sexual abuse of children. It’s a real problem and not a joke for Cameron Diaz to wag her boobs or bra at.

Don’t go see this film. Tell everyone to avoid it. TMG is over reacting? No way. And those  who do not “get it” need to have a serious chat with themselves and their parole officers. Report this film to your local sheriff. Exhibition of a  film which sexually exploits children violates most states laws…except in Vermont of course.