Starring Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana (yeah..who???)
TMG Scale 10

I saw this on the best Imax 3D in the free world at the Navy Pier in Chicago. It would have been equally good on my living room 37 inch Vizio LCD.  And Sci Fi is not  TMG’s favorite genre by a long shot.  This movie simply sets a whole new standard.  What else did we expect from Director James Cameron (Titanic)?

The plot was actually fairly predictable.  Many said it was a remake of Pocahontas.  Assuming you ever saw Pocahontas, I think this comparison insults both Avatar and Pocahontas, and is irrelevant anyway.  Rare is a film that can appeal to anyone from 8 to 88 years old.  The special effects and sheer visual imagery are a new revolution in film.  Frankly, the 3D was no biggie.  This film is great without it. If anyone says this film is anything less than awesome, suggest they immediately get a saliva test for a human hormone.  Anyone who can turn a funky sci fi fantasy into a 10 rated TMG film with virtual nobodies as stars (apologies to Sigourney Weaver who plays a supporting role and whose sex appeal is as strong as ever) deserves great respect.  My TMG hat is off to you James Cameron!