No, this is not the name of the latest film from Ron Howard or even John Hughes—though it might be.

TMG and Joy Lynn are took a sabbatical in 2012 pending word from Eastwood or Spielberg they are funding a new national radio or TV show platform for us. If you have enjoyed our unique approach to movie commentary, let us know. If you have  $ 5 million dollars to sponsor us, let us know. If you are a radio producer and like what we do, call us. (Listen to our recent shows or demo tape on this site). If you just need a date to go to the movies, drop us a note. If you are Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump, we can be at your office in an hour.

We wish to continue to be the real people’s voice in movies, not the elite critics who nominate such abysmal films like The Tree of Life for awards. Do you like us calling out child abuse in such films as The Sitter  or Kick Ass? Or appreciate us spotting ridiculous trends like men urinating on film as in The Change-Up? Do you like our insightful and pithy comments on such films like The Descendants?  or  Answers to Nothing ?  Don’t we get it right on when we discuss such films as The Way, The Help or 50/50?

If you are media,  and want to interview us, we are more interesting than print critics and television personalities who review movies in between doing the weather report. We are fun and provocative. We are real movie fans with solid views. After all, we invented the genre of movie commentary.

Keep in touch. We will update select films from time to time and still wish to hear from you.  Write us or call us at CLM Management, Inc. 913-768-4700.  After all, we are still watching out for you!