Art and everyone’s  long cool woman Joy Lynn,  hook up with Mitch this week. We announce a NEW CONTEST to win free movie tickets and a new style Art & Joy t-shirt, or a classic TMG shirt (at left). We rant about corporate America and misleading advertising. Nigerian scams are one thing, but the “US Mint” is a big offender along with web domain renewal frauds and patent rneewals that fake like they are coming from the federal government. We highlight a very good film from 2005 called  The Proposition with Ray Winstone. It’s a tough and gritty western style film and Joy Lynn thought a bit too harsh and bloody, but the cinematography, the story and the acting are superb. Art and Mitch think most guys will really enjoy it.  Art slams Scream 4 as the worst movie of the week and dismisses it as horror porn for drunk college kids. We then feature Water for Elephants as a decent effort with Reese Witherspoon, ex-vampire Robert Pattinson and creepy “bastard” Christopher Waltz. It’s a decent love story, but the storyline is pretty contrived. We all solidly endorse producer David Schwimmer’s effort from 2010, but just released to major theatres, called Trust. While the film explores the less than novel story of  child predators on the Internet, it does so in a very powerful and personal way. While Schwimmer is way off base suggesting that most child predators are married men, the overall warning to parents and children alike is a good one. TMG does not like the overdone theme of making all Dads look like baffoons, but the film has enough good messages to overlook its shortcomings.  Our fallen star tribute is moved to the star segment. Oddly enough, no big star fell this week so we saluted recording artist Phoebe Snow who died April 26 at the age of 59.  We then celebrate the life of Reese Witherspoon. Woodsboro Maryland, population 846,  receives the small town salute because of the bad rap it may be getting from the Scream movies. We then play “we describe the plot, you name the movie” with movies with weird titles…and much more.