THE ART AND JOY OF MOVIES was the hottest growing radio show in the country in 2011-2012. Art the Movie Guy and Joy Lynn covered many of the latest releases,  but also many great movie classics from the past.   Art has amazing knowledge and insight on thousands of movies and reel gems you missed and need to rent or go see at an independent theatre.  Joy keeps Art in line and brandishes her own perspectives and movie fan fun. They both love to rant and laugh.  This was not a movie review or critic show. Art and Joy are movie fans, not Hollywood elites,  and represent the view and tone of the real movie going folks out there.  It is movie commentary. They explored the social and political messages in films, movie stars, trivia and much more.  If you are a movie fan and want to see teh show come back, send in large sums of cash !. CLICK HERE to listen all the shows. Call your local radio stations and ask them, “What the hell ever happened to The Art and Joy of Movies??.?


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Art The Movie Guy
. . . the Bio, the Man, the Legend
. . . or everything you need to know about “Art” so to speak.
and Joy Lynn...she’s just a long, cool woman!

Art The Movie Guy started his radio career at KSDB in Manhattan, Kansas reading news at 6 AM in the morning. This was 1976 and there was just lots of funny news. Jimmy Carter was President. Enough said. For a college town, it was certain no one was listening at 6 AM but Art learned to get up early and practice his craft totally unfettered by actual listeners. Art started watching movies rather than reading Philosophy and Econ II literature. Art realized he loved every movie he had ever seen since 1964 when he fell in love with Hayley Mills in The Moon-Spinners. That is, until he saw Urban Cowboy one night in 1980. Art realized movies, much like college professors, had a dark and boring side too.

Art was in pre-med but fainted at the site of needles so sent his MCAT exam scores to a law school that had just lowered its admission standards. After years as a trial lawyer in a small town, Art tried the big town corporate life. Watching movies once again proved a better occupation. Art suggested to several major radio stations the idea of a “talk” hour on issues of the day. He was laughed off as a crank by stations insisting that radio was for music and baseball only. A radio “talk show?” Preposterous. Rush Limbaugh debuted less than a year later.

Around 1995, F. Lee Bailey’s more handsome and younger brother Bill heard Art blathering about legal issues at a forum on unrecoverable reinsurance derivatives and insurance retro shares. Bailey said anyone who could make that sound remotely interesting had to be on radio. For the next fifteen years Art co-hosted and guest hosted on Bailey’s nationally syndicated “It’s Your Money” radio show—originally on Talk America and later on the Genesis Network. Live remote broadcasts were produced in most every major Hyatt and Marriott from Disney World to San Antonio and Seattle. Art finally realized talking about money and finance was boring. Movies were more fun. Two years in focus groups and millions in advance marketing research (perhaps a little less) and The Art and Joy of Movies came to life.

Joy Lynn is there to keep Art in line, offer a different perspective and a woman’s point of view. She is the average movie fan. She sees what she wants and tells it like she sees it. Joy loves movies but willing to admit she is not a movie expert and never took a single film class. She is a very cool woman….simple as that. She has a soothing and calm radio voice and fans love her.

The Art and Joy of Movies is nationally syndicated by The American Talk Radio Network and recorded by its primary affiliate, the Radio Colorado Network. Shows are typically recorded live on Tuesdays and then posted to the ABC, Citadel XDS satellite weekly for national distribution and later, weekend broadcast. Podcasts are then uploaded to i-tunes and all past shows can be accessed played via

Art and Joy’s real identities, while not a well kept national security secrets, are not the focus of the show. Art and Joy are movie fans and commentators—not movie reviewers or classical movie critics. Listen to them rant about topics of the day, struggle like the average person with weird movie star names, and have fun with occasional in studio guests, toast small American towns, movie trivia and more.

The Art & Joy of

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