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You have no idea about the Oscars or good movies until you check with us! We are the movie fan's choice...and we are watching out for you....even on sabbatical !  We saw them all in 2011 ! BEST PICTURE Should be: The Help If they could give two: The Descendants...

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TMG Scale

THE New Standard! Films ranked one to five stars—who invented that system? Earthquakes are rated by the Richter Scale….Tornadoes are ranked by the Fujita Scale… Hurricanes are ranked by the CATastrophe Scale. Now movies will forever be rated by: The TMG Scale©
• TMG 1: A pathetic waste of time.
• TMG 2: View at your own risk.
• TMG 3: Just a bad movie.
• TMG 4: A snoozer. I fell asleep and glad I did.
• TMG 5: OK. Average movie. Nothing special.
• TMG 6: Had value. Could have been better.
• TMG 7: Good film, fun or worth seeing. Try it.
• TMG 8: A very good film. Worthy of anyone’s time.
• TMG 9: Great Film, but lacks a social impact.
• TMG 10: Incredible film— The rare exception that also carries an important message, social impact or intangible greatness.

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