TMG Scale 1.0     P Factor 0.0        MPAA Rating:  PG-13  (Should be PG –Pretty Godawful)
Starring: No one —maybe the guy that hyped this piece of junk for over a year.

What a terrific piece of junk.  This was clearly the worst excuse for a major motion picture release I have seen since Paranormal Activity 2.   Take a huge piece of crap like Paranormal Activity 2, mix it with a total waste of time like Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)toss in your very worst Super 8 home movies from the 1960’s, add a pinch of stupid campfire stories and you will still end up with better quality than Apollo 18.  It is such a bad a film,  it’s insulting.

For starters, the actual filming was awful.  When I go to see a major motion picture release, I expect quality cinematography. It is fine if the director wants to toss in a film reel or two from 1972 NASA archives, but even old NASA footage is of much better quality. The Blair Witch Project (1999) had better editing and camera work. Why does this entire film look like it was filmed with a rusty Super 8 home movie camera? Terrible acting, worse writing and a stupid plot—it’s a sure fire ticket to oblivion. This film should get targeted in a consumer class action lawsuit for fraud.

This only positives were that it was over before I died and it had a 0.0 P Factor.   Trust TMG, do not waste your time or money. Find an old tube television that does not work and stare into it for an hour and a half in a dark closet while eating popcorn.  You will get the same effect.