Chartrand State Legislative & Lobbying Services

Chartrand Legal ServicesYour company or trade group has certainly encountered at least one state law or regulation it would like to see changed. Maybe you had no idea where to start, or how.  Maybe you tried and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying expenses and lawyers just to get nowhere.  It happens all too often.  

We have sponsored legislation in most every state and have a proven track record of success—many times in the first year of introduction. Why such amazing results?  Because we know how to retain the best lobbyists—lobbyists who really work for a living, not just high priced names. We work closely with our lobbying teams to understand what your needs are and to keep your cost low.

Chartrand Legal ServicesThe Chartrand Team employs hard working specialized firms and individuals who have walked the halls of the state capitol for years and retain the close respect of the current legislature.

Our real specialty is taking your cause to each state capitol and winning for you. We have federal lobbyists available in Washington, DC as well if you have the need.

We will give you the best opportunity at a cost far less than anyone else and put your elected legislature to work for you If your legislative cause is credible and viable, we’ll go to work for you. Just give our office a call at 913.768.4700.

In between our corporate practice we pursue consumer causes pro bono. We are all consumers. We all deserve the best we can offer each other. Sometimes that means holding even well meaning corporations accountable.

Art Chartrand offers his  personal cell phone, 913.269.4701, because sometimes you just need to reach someone….like right NOW!.  Below are just a few pictures in recent years around the state capitals.


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